I am staring at three different “plug” computers and wondering how many more will appear.

They are in varying states of Debianness: all are running squeeze, but the GuruPlug is the only one that's “pure”. The SheevaPlug is running a wacky version of U-Boot, because the u-boot package in Debian can't cope with the SD card device. Hopefully this can be fixed some year.

Worse yet is the FreeAgent DockStar, which is running a foreign kernel and two (TWO) foreign U-Boots (the first one chains to the second one which then boots off a USB stick). Unfortunately I'm afraid to correct these things because, unlike the other two, it is not a developer board, and messing it up would mean trying to deal with 3.3V RS-232 or something equally unpleasant. As it is, bricking one of the plugs where I actually have serial/JTAG causes enough emotional turmoil.

Posted on 2010-07-04
Tags: quanks, armel, plugcomputer, sheevaplug, guruplug, pogoplug, freeagent, dockstar