After consulting with my business manager, my publicist, and my wiccan stormtrooper brigade, I have unilaterally decided to make this limited-time offer. For US$15,000, a lucky donor can request stylesheet changes for For US$25,000, an enterprising young individual can get the default ArchZoom theme changed. For a moderate surcharge, the donor may secure anonymity, and I will claim that I am acting randomly in Debian's best interests.

Any commissioned changes will be locked in for 3 months or until someone else pays more money. Obviously I have to milk the revenue stream here or this won't be a viable business model and I really don't want to have to call this a failed experiment.

To anyone who might be calling this idea the height of corruption, I say this: anyone is welcome to do the same thing. If you care enough, just secure your own contracts and go ahead and change the stylesheet yourself. Of course, if you request access to do so, I will have to oppose it for completely-unrelated reasons, and possibly apply for an injunction to prevent the Alioth admins from making any foolish access changes. After all, interfering with my profit potential is a crime here in America.

Get your payments in fast!

Posted on 2006-09-13
Tags: parabola